12 in 12 River 9: The Ocmulgee

On day two of our three-day trip, a friend of Jim’s helped us with a shuttle, and we put in on the Ocmulgee early Saturday morning.

We were treated to miles of winding river, with sandbars that appeared around almost every turn.  Due to the drought and low water level, many of the sandbars had more vegetation on them than Google Earth images had led us to expect.

We saw interesting rock formations along the way:

We were all fascinated by the remnants of docks and tie-ups left from the history of logging in the area.

We did a little research on our return and learned a great deal about the history of the Ocmulgee from the New Georgia Encyclopedia.  We especially loved the link on the timber rafts.

We finally chose a sandbar, and made camp.

After a great dinner, we were treated to a gorgeous sunset:

The Ocmulgee – our ninth river!


About lowcountrygal

Two friends who decided to rise to the Georgia River Network Challenge to paddle 12 Georgia Rivers in 2012. We are both avid sea kayakers, but have been a little less active on the fresh water. This year will remedy that, and this blog will document it.
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  1. garivernetwork says:

    Reblogged this on Georgia River Network News and commented:
    Way to go Mary Siceloff & Liz Williams! They paddled the lovely Little Ocmulgee and Ocmulgee rivers over the holidays ~Their #8 and #9 rivers of the ’12 in 2012 Challenge’….

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